Geek Pipe: A Surprising Quality Dry Herb Vaporizer

Intro and specs


Dry herb vaping is safe, natural and a great way to use various types of herbs. If you’re new to dry herb vaporizing, you would want to learn more about the basics. This includes the materials used, how it works and its components. There are a lot of factors that contribute to a good vaping experience, and Geek Pipe is one of the best way to start with.


Price: $24.99

Colors: Black, Sliver, Pink, Red, Blue

 leafbuddi geekpipe



  • Dimensions: D20*H105mm

  • Revolutionary Detachable

  • Dual-way Smoking

  • Especially Designed for Herb

  • Flexible Steps for Marijuana


Package includes


  • 1*Leaf Buddi Geek Pipe Main Body

  • 1*Metal Mouthpiece

  • 1*Glass Tube Replacement

  • 2*Glass Tube Silicone Covers

  • 1*Mouthpiece Silicon Cover

  • 1*Dab Tool

  • 1*Cleaning Brush

 leafbuddi geekpipe



Size, Portability, and feel


The first thing I was stunning by was the flexible steps twist. I knew it was intuitive, but I was still surprised by how easy to use it. It does give bit more than I expected for its convenience so it feels easy to adjusted.


The Geek Pipe is very small, the overall size and shape of the unit make it easy to pocket and you can completely palm it during use for maximum discretion.


Overall it’s a great looking and great feeling unit to hold and use. When you get it in your hands and look at how it was designed, every bit of space is used, and all the materials are solid and high quality.



Getting started


getting start geekpipe


To use the Leaf buddi Geek Pipe, it’s as simple as can be. First, pull the metal twist to the end until the glass tube fully shows. Grind your material into a fine consistency, and then load it into the chamber. Then put the silicone mouthpiece on. All set, heat up the tip with a lighter and start the a memorable vaping experience.


The Geek Pipe also uses a glass mouthpiece which like ceramic, is very conducive to flavor.

Also, there’s dual smoking way you can use. You can screw off the metal mouthpiece to smoke directly with the glass mouthpiece. Personally, I enjoy smoke as a hookah.


 leafbuddi geekpipe

Cleaning and Maintenance


The Geek Pipe is super easy to clean. All you need to do is by adjusting the thread position to brushed out after a session, give it a few brushes and it will look brand new again.

leafbuddi geekpipe

Geek Pipe: A Surprising Quality Dry Herb Vaporizer


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