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Find the answer below. Or you can write to us by sending email to info@leafbuddiofficial.com.


Where is Leaf buddi based?

Leaf buddi is based in Shenzhen, China.

Where is my product shipped from?

All Leaf buddi orders are shipped from our headquarters location in Shanzhen, China.

Do you ship the product to my country?

In this moment, our online store only faced to United States market. So, we only ship the products to USA.

But we'l try our best to open more stocks on other countries soon.

How long will it take to receive online order?

Shipping the products from China to overseas is complicated.

All orders are shipped the next business day via USPS.
Shipping takes 20-25 business days for international shipment ($3.5) as we ship from China.

How do I get the tracking number of my order?

Ater receiving payment, it will take us 1-2 business days to process your purchase.

Once we have shipped it out, we'll send you an email notification of your order status.


You can also click the "View your order" button in the email you received and you'll be redirected to a page where the latest order status and your tracking number should be shown.

How should I track my order and when should it arrive?

A site link to track your package will be offered as well as the tracking number when we shipped your order.

Normally, delivery taes 3-5 business days, but during a peak shipping period, like holiday seasons, deliveries would be delayed.

Please kindly understand.

What should I do if I didn't receive my package?

Please report to us if you didn't receive your package. Once we find out why and the mistake is made by Leaf buddi, we'll resend you the package ASAP.


How to turn on/off the mod?

Generally, find the fire button, and press the fire button 5 times to turn on the mod. And 5 times to turn it off.

How to switch the volt level?

First of all, please make sure if your mod features different levels of volt for switching. Which you can find from our product packaging, or the product page on our site. After you're sure that your mod has different volt levels, you can press the fire button 3 times to switch the volt you prefer. When the volt was changed, the color of the LED light would change & blink accordingly.

How to preheat?

Click the fire button twice for preheat, and please don't vape when preheating.

How to charge the mod/kit? How long should I charge it? How can I tell if my mod/kit is fully charged?

Basically, we have a USB cable/charger that comes in the package. You can connect it to any USB changer port (Like phone charger or laptop USB port) for charging.

How long the charging would cost depends on the battery capacity of the mod. Commonly, the output of the USB cable we offered is around 400mA. For example, a 650mAh mod would need: 650mAh/400mA = 1.625 hours to be fully charged.

If there's any LED indicator light for charging, like the UI mod, the LED should turn GREEN when the mod is fully charged. (The light is RED when it's charging) But, if there isn't any indicator light, then you need to figure out how long you should charge your mod.

NOTICE: charging the mod over time will harm the battery life. Do not charge your mod over night.


How do I request a warranty?

Sorry for the issue and the inconvenience it causes again.

As we are based in China, and we' ve asked our distributors to take care of the after-sale service in their area of United States.

Distributors will collect the defective goods from the retailers or shops and replace them. In the mean time, we'll make it up to our distributors. So, please ask the shop to replace you Leaf buddi defective item. You can also show this as an evidence & let the shop owner know they can have replacement, too. If it's the quality issue.

Hope for your kind understanding & sorry for the inconvenience again.

What is our warranty policy?

Warranty period of Leaf buddi mods & kits (including vape kit, herb kit, wax kit, 2-in-1 kit, 3-in-1 kit) is 6 MONTHs from the time of purchase.

Warranty period of Leaf buddi slim batteries is 3 MONTHs from the time of purchase.

Here's more warranty details

What is our refund policy?

At Leaf buddi, our goal is to provide you with the quality vaporizer mods/kits and everything that you deserve. If your product doesn’t live up to these expectations, we want to know. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us ASAP.

Here's more refund details


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