The Leaf buddi CETO V2 Pro Mod Limited Edition

The limited edition CETO V2 Pro Mod (650mAh) could be the one that represents Leaf buddi’s brand positioning, young & stylish.

With the patterns, the CETO V2 pro mod pops out from all the “square” mods.


We use water transfer printing to make sure the patterns extend to curvy corners. The advantage of water transfer printing is that the color is quite vivid. Also, the pattern is not totally flat. You can feel the concavo-convex from the pattern. Better yet, the patterns are quite stable not easy to be scratched. Even if you keep your keys and the mod in the same pocket, the pattern will still be fine.

The mod is not in a total rectangle shape. It’s more like a trapezoid one, to make sure it feels good in hand & your thumb can reach the fire button with an easier way.


The CETO V2 pro mod is quite a small one. You can hold it in your palm & won’t be seen. The heating chamber diameter is 10.6mm, so it fits with any 510 cartridge smaller than that.


  1. How to turn on/off the mod?

Like other mod, click the fire button 5 time to turn it on / off.

There’s a LED indicator light on the top of the mod, and when you turn on or turn off the mod, the LED light (Red color) blinks 3 times


  1. How to switch to different volt?

The CETO V2 Pro mod got 3 levels of volt: 3.6V, 3.8V & 4.0V

Higher volt makes higher temperature. Base on different E-liquid & personal preference, customer can choose the perfect volt.

Switching to different volts is also easy to operate. Just click the fire button 3 times. There’re 3 colors as signs to show you what volt you’re using.

The green light means 3.6V, blue light means 3.8V & the red one means 4.0V.

When you click the fire button 3 time, the volt changes accordingly & the LED light will also blink 3 times.


  1. The preheat

You can click the fire button twice for preheat.

When preheating, the LED light will keep blinking for about 10 seconds. And the LED done blinking, means the preheat is finished & ready to be vaped.

Please don’t vape when the mod is preheating.

to turn on/off the mod

to switch to different volt

to preheat


The mod features a micro USA charging port. And you can use the USB cable that comes with the package to charge the CETO V2 pro mod.

The LED light will turn red when you charge the mod.

Also, the CETO V2 pro mod features a 650mAh built-in battery, and normally the output current of USB cable is around 400mA. Which means, it takes about 1 hour and a half to fully charge the UI mod.

When the battery is fully charged, the LED will stop shining.


It’s never wise to over-charge the battery. So please don’t charge the battery over night, or longer than 3 hours. It’ll harm the battery life.

In a word, if you're looking for a cool, stylish mod to vape, this CETO V2 pro mod from Leaf buddi is the best choice. Don't miss it.

Let us know if you got any other question about the CETO V2 pro mod.

Have a good time vaping!