BRAND:   Leaf buddi


Arlo Mini Mod is specially designed for vaping. It fits 510 threading tanks or cartridges. It's a delicate mod designed with LED light indicator and vibration indicator, extremely friendly to new starters.




It features vibration indicator to tell you how much battery power left. Also, 4 levels of volt can meets different oil's need. The curve makes it feel good in hand.


The Leaf buddi Arlo Mini Mod is extremely friendly to new vapers. Featuring an easy operation system that still including low voltage protection,

over charge protection, over-time vaping protection and short circuit protection. The Arlo Mini Mod is powered by a build-in battery (500mAh) to give a

max volt of 4.2V. When grabbing the mod in hand, it feels comfy and your thumb can touch the power button easily.


· Size: 65 * 24 * 15mm

· Battery Capacity: 500 mAh

· LED Light Indicator: To Show The Current Volt

· Vibration Indicator: To Show The Battery Power

· 2 Magnetic Joints: In Case Of Loss

· Preheating: Will Last For 15 Seconds

· 4 Volt Options: 2.8V - 3.0V - 3.7V - 4.2V

· Supports Tank Resistance: From 1.0 to 1.8 ohm

· Over-time Vaping Protection

· Short Circuit Protection

· Low Voltage Protection  


Vibration Indicator:

When you click the power button 5 times to turn on the Arlo Mini Mod, the mod will vibrate accordingly. If the mod vibrates 1 time, means there's still

60% to 100% battery power left. If the mod vibrates 2 times, then it means there's 20% to 60% battery power left. If the mod vibrates 3 times, it means

there's only less than 20% battery power left and you need to put the mod on a charger. Besides that, the mod vibrates also if you vape and inhale over

10 seconds. You may take it as a hint to stop pressing the power button to prevent a coil burnt.

4 Levels of Volt Options:

Vapers have their own vaping preferences. So, if you think the current voltage is not your favorite, you can always click the power button 3 times

to change the voltage. Generally, with higher voltage comes with stronger power and bigger cloud. When you're adjusting the voltage, you can tell

which volt it current is from the Arlo Mini Mod's surface.    

Comfy In Hand:

The Arlo Mini Mod is designed with the curvy lines that makes the mod looks good. And when you grab the mod in hand, you'll feel good also

thanks to the curvy lines and the special rubber coating.


Click the power button 2 times to preheat your oil. Preheat function is to warm your oil before vaping and it'll offer a better and smoother vaping.

And when the mod is in preheating progress, all the LED will light up and it'll last about 15 seconds.  

Package Includes:

· 1 * Arlo Mini Mod

· 1 * USA Cable

· 2 * Magnet Adapter

· 1 * User Manual  

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